About me...

As a Personal Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards their goals and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. I am a fully qualified PT with countless hours of experience on the gym floor, as well as providing programs that have helped clients from all walks of life, all ages and all sizes. My specialities are fat loss and body composition (muscle building) I'm not your typical Instagram PT who has played sports all my life or had a six-pack from my teens...I'm somebody who was incredibly unfit!


I empathise and understand what peoples fears are, what makes them unhappy in themselves because I've been there. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. I aim to transform your body, build your confidence and influence you to make educated decisions when it comes to your health and fitness.

" I signed up at Blueprint because I had gained weight since having my children and decided enough was enough. I couldn't be happier!! I have lost 17 pounds, I feel great and have energy to play with my children. Would definitely recommend."

" I have tried following programs before and not had much luck. The way it was written was a little confusing at times. With Blueprint it is so easy to follow on my phone or my tablet! There is a video library so I can look at the exercises and make sure that I'm doing them correctly and safely.


Having message access through the App to the trainers is fantastic too for when I have a question."


In the age of smartphones and easy access to the internet, more and more people are turning to web and social media platforms to start their fitness journey. It can be daunting for somebody who feels low in confidence, with low self esteem, to walk into a gym or fitness club and seek out a personal trainer. The idea of signing up online to a fat loss program or a muscle building routine is a far less painful option for many. So what are the pro's and cons?....


A good online coach will always make themselves available to you with a 'check in'.  This is great if you have any queries about exercise, nutrition or just want a little guidance with your allocated program itself. Check ins can vary from once a week up to once every 4 weeks depending on your program and its duration. Lots of online coaches will now sign you up to their laptop/mobile app where you will find your program and everything else that goes with it.



Research suggests that online coaches can ensure that their clients can get the exercise they need. An online coach can send reminders and provide helpful advice, motivational messages and simply be there for their client. That means that the level of accountability offered by a gym PT is still there, but the freedom allowed by online coaching offers the chance to remain constantly mindful of their fitness goals.


As every personal trainer and online coach will tell you, it takes time and a commitment to your fitness plan for you to succeed. I can write you the best plan that the world has ever seen and absolutely nail your calorie deficit and macro percentages, but if you're not true to the plan, and you don't adhere to your nutrition, then you're not being true to yourself! As a fitness professional i know, beyond doubt, that if you commit to my training plan you will succeed!

Preston, Lancashire

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