Online personal training has come a long way in a short space of time and one of the main reasons is affordability. Blueprint personal training offer tried and tested programs that are effective and easily affordable. These programs will educate you on how your body works, how it needs to be rested, different training techniques and give you the confidence that every person deserves.


You can start your own fitness journey now and begin designing a better you!




Blueprint PT believe that ease of access and a no nonsense approach are key.

We want to make your goals achievable easily and also make it affordable. 

Sign up for a plan today and begin the journey to become the very best that you can be.

We use an App to deliver everything contained in your program. You can browse packages yourself and simply pick one you like. The set packages available are a one off price and its yours to keep while you're a member of Blueprint.

We have a variety of packages including fat loss, muscle building, female beginner, male hypertrophy and also have different plan lengths, from 4 to 16 weeks.You can browse these packages by clicking the link below.

                                    Blueprint personal training packages


Blueprint also offers bespoke, 1-1 training programs where you will work  closely with me so that I can give you the attention and expertise to help you reach your full potential.


1-1slots are highly sought after so the number of clients is capped to ensure quality delivery of routine, programming, nutrition guidance and motivation.


To enquire about 1-1 training simply email with a brief outline of your goals, current physical ability and any health issues you may have. 

There is ongoing support, check-ins to reassess your goals and make sure that you're on the right track to success. An extensive video library is available on most plans to take the guess work out for you. 

Nutrition plays a huge part in any training program and here at Blueprint we will educate you on how to assess your diet, teach you how to calculate your calorie intake and also explain macro nutrient percentages so that you'll never be in the dark about food again.



Once you have chosen a plan you will be directed to the blueprintpt App where you will fill out a questionnaire and then be allocated your place on the app dashboard. You will be shown what is required to complete the workouts, suggested calories and macro split (proteins, carbs and fats)

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