Fat Loss and Muscle Building Specialist...

Follow the blueprint to the very best version of yourself! Let me give you the tools and knowledge to not only achieve your goals, but to smash right through them....It's time to design a better you...

Here at Blueprint PT we treat all of our clients like friends and family. We are here for you throughout your journey, whatever that may be, to make sure that you feel encouraged, motivated, educated and confident. 

We have different options available from the very popular membership program to the 1-1 bespoke personal training packages. All programs are delivered via the Blueprintpt App which gives you access to:

- Your current training program

- Exercise video library

- Nutritional parameters 

- Macro split information

- Food and calorie logger

- Direct messaging for weekly       check ins



Simply click the contact link below, get in touch and register with me. Bespoke 1-1 plans are very popular and waiting times can occur. This is to ensure that everybody has the best delivery of their program as possible.

Monthly membership is quick, easy and most of all affordable. From beginner to pro, your membership will contain a workout program, nutritional parameters, macro split and ongoing support via the App. Get in touch today!

Preston, Lancashire

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